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Rectangular Chemical Transport Tanks

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500 Gallon low profile water storage tank, suitable for storing waste or chemical. 500-Gallon Portable Rectangular Polyethylene Water Tank

90"L x 63.5"H x 25"H

List Price: $866.66
Our Price: $609.95
You Save: $256.71
Horizontal Plastic Rectangular Water Hauling Tank Available in both 500 and 700 gallon options 700-Gallon Horizontal Plastic Water Hauling Tank

90"L x 63.5"W x 34"H

List Price: $1,287.04
Our Price: $904.95
You Save: $382.09

Move your liquid chemicals with confidence by using these plastic transportation tanks. Choose from 500- or 700-gallon containers that are constructed of high-quality plastic. In fact, our poly transport tanks are made out of HDPE or high-density polyethylene. Although you're transporting chemicals of every type, no reactions occur with these rectangular plastic tanks because they're made with BPA-free, food-grade certified and FDA-approved materials. These flat bottom utility tanks also come with low profiles of either 25- or 34-inches in height. Fit them into a van, truck or semi as you organize your goods. Chemical transport tanks must be strong and durable for the long road ahead. Don't forget about the simple design attributed to each white tank too. Six flat sides means you can add bulkheads in almost any location. Each container comes with a 12-inch-wide lid, but customizing the tank otherwise is always possible. Polytank-Mart.com has your chemical-transport needs covered.