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Plastic Water Storage Tanks

If you need plastic water tanks that last many years, especially in the sun, introduce yourself to Polytank-Mart.com's quality stock. Whether you need a few hundred gallons or several thousand gallons, our large plastic water tanks come in a variety of sizes. If you're wondering if you even need poly water storage tanks, consider the applications that may apply to you. The range of usages is virtually unlimited, these tanks will work equally well for potable water storage or gray water storage. Properties with water pressure issues, livestock needs and well structures benefit greatly from polyethylene water storage tanks. You can even choose a color that fits your buildings and surroundings. Match green, black or beige colors to the outdoor environment. These plastic water storage tanks are designed to blend in with your property so that they're merely functional products in the background. Each container comes with two bulkheads located on the base and top sections. Multiple flat sections give you extra space for more bulkheads if necessary. Polytank-Mart.com supports every water storage need today.

Our Water Storage Tanks offer size options ranging from 100 to 5,000 gallons, come with a screw-on vented lid, inlet bulkhead, and outlet bulkhead with plug, as well top and bottom flats for easy installation and expansion.

With a total of 14 colors to choose from, these tanks can do the work you need them to do, fit where you need them to be, and fit in with their surroundings.

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100 Gallon Water Storage Tank 100-Gallon Water Storage Tank

30”D x 42”H

List Price: $231.37
Our Price: $174.95
You Save: $56.42
125 Gallon Water Storage Tank 125-Gallon Water Storage Tank

30”D x 50”H

List Price: $263.13
Our Price: $199.95
You Save: $63.18
150 Gallon Water Storage Tank 150-Gallon Plastic Vertical Water Storage Tank

30”D x 58”H

List Price: $294.89
Our Price: $219.95
You Save: $74.94
200 Gallon Water Storage Tank 200-Gallon Water Tank

36”D x 56”H

List Price: $342.51
Our Price: $264.95
You Save: $77.56
250 Gallon Water Storage Tank 250-Gallon Plastic Water Storage Tank

36”D x 67”H

List Price: $388.34
Our Price: $299.95
You Save: $88.39
500 Gallon Water Storage Tank 500-Gallon Water Tank

48”D x 71”H

List Price: $562.34
Our Price: $419.95
You Save: $142.39

Standard Colors

SunShield Colors

Why does color matter?

Water Storage TanksOur standard tanks include built-in UV inhibitors to avoid color fading and breakdown from harsh sunlight, available in 13 different colors. Although Black and Dark Green limit the most light from entering standard tanks to prevent algae growth, we offer a premier line of SunShield® tanks boasting zero light penetration in 11 additional colors, including Arctic White.

For more information about the impact of properly shielded tanks, read the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center's study: Effectiveness of Poly-Mart SunShield® Colored Tanks Relative to Water Temperature and Light Infiltration.

Why would I need a water storage tank?

Larger water storage tanks are often used as part of well water systems. They can hold thousands more gallons than typical pressure tanks and extend the life of your underground pump, saving it from the wear of cycling off and on too frequently.

The extra water capacity also means that you can make use of water in your household for multiple purposes at once without seeing a drop in pressure, so someone can take a shower without having to interrupt the clothes washer. If the storage tank is elevated above your home or other intended destination, it can use gravity to continue to provide water even during a power outage.

But as the name implies, any situation that needs water stored is a good one, which could be permanent installations around the home or just taking a few hundred gallons out on an extended camping trip.

Some more applications for Water Storage Tanks include:
  • Properties with low gallon-per-minute output
  • Venting sulfuric gases from water before they reach faucet
  • Irrigation systems
  • Filling troughs for livestock
*All Tanks of all colors are BPA-Free and manufactured with resin that complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water.