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Low-Profile Water Storage Tanks

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500 Gallon low profile water storage tank, suitable for storing waste or chemical. 500-Gallon Portable Rectangular Polyethylene Water Tank

90"L x 63.5"H x 25"H

List Price: $866.66
Our Price: $609.95
You Save: $256.71
Horizontal Plastic Rectangular Water Hauling Tank Available in both 500 and 700 gallon options 700-Gallon Horizontal Plastic Water Hauling Tank

90"L x 63.5"W x 34"H

List Price: $1,287.04
Our Price: $904.95
You Save: $382.09

Hauling any liquid cargo around is difficult with most industrial containers. Find your solution in Polytank-Mart.com's low-profile water tanks. Take a close look at the perfectly rectangular shape of these large portable water tanks. The center of gravity is as low as possible, which allows the liquid load to spread out on a trailer, truck or other transport. Top-heavy containers aren't an issue when you fill these low-profile poly tanks with water. In fact, fill the tanks up to either 500 or 700 gallons. Each container is made with NSF-61 approved resin with HDPE throughout its design. Low-profile water storage tanks come in a simple white hue so you can see the liquid level at a glance. Don't forget that these rectangular plastic water tanks are also food-grade safe and BPA-free. The transported water is technically safe for drinking as you trust in Polytank-Mart.com's high-quality containers for customized use. With their convenient and durable design, in addition to transportation purposes, our low-profile poly tanks can be used as above-ground and RV septic tanks or gray water and potable water storage.