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High-Density Crosslinked Polyethylene Chemical Tanks

Our Crosslinked Tanks are available as both Vertical Plastic Storage and Horizontal Leg models.

Storing chemicals on your property requires specialized containers for safety purposes. Look to Polytank-mart.com's inventory of high-density crosslinked polyethylene tanks for your needs. Choose from either horizontal or vertical orientations, depending on your storage location. Each polyethylene diesel tank comes with a yellow hue to indicate a chemical storage area. Bulkhead locations differ between the two container shapes offered by our company. Rest assured that our HDXLPE tanks will hold steady through the years as you add diesel and other chemicals to their interiors.

The strength found within these crosslinked polyethylene tanks comes from the high-quality plastic used in their construction. Add sulfuric acid to these crosslinked polyethylene chemical tanks, and there's no reaction whatsoever. Trust in our tanks that can serve your property every day of the year.

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100 Gallon Crosslinked Chemical Tank 100-Gallon Cross-Linked HDPE Chemical Storage Tank

30”D x 42”H HDXLPE Tank

List Price: $307.33
Our Price: $249.95
You Save: $57.38
125 Gallon Crosslinked Chemical Tank 125-Gallon Cross-Linked Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tank

125-gallon HDXLPE storage tank for glycol, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid & other harsh chemicals

List Price: $363.55
Our Price: $294.95
You Save: $68.60
145 Gallon Crosslinked Horizontal Leg Tank 145-Gallon Cross-Linked HDPE Horizontal Storage Tanks

40″L x 34″W x 36”H

List Price: $412.50
Our Price: $314.95
You Save: $97.55
150 Gallon Crosslinked Chemical Tank 150-Gallon Cross-Linked Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tank

Each and every one of our HDXLPE tanks is made using a strong chemical bond that makes it uniquely durable, and our 150-gallon HDXLPE tank is no exception. Featuring molded-in gallon markers, a translucent yellow color and vented slosh-proof lids, our 150-gallon chemical storage tank allows you to easily view and measure your liquid level while you safely transport just about any corrosive chemical. This product is the ideal urea storage tank, ferric chloride storage tank or hydrogen peroxide storage tank. You can also check out our chemical reference chart to make sure your chemicals are safe to use with polyethylene. Our tanks are also highly customizable, as they feature multiple layout flats for outlet fittings and outlet plugs that allow you to mold your tank to the application you need. At PolyTank Mart, we offer high-quality versatile tanks that let you store, transport and dispose of highly corrosive chemicals.

  • 30”D x 58”H

List Price: $412.96
Our Price: $334.95
You Save: $78.01
200 Gallon Crosslinked Chemical Tank 200-Gallon Crosslinked Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tank

The only thing more durable than high-density polyethylene is cross-linked polyethylene. Our 200-gallon chemical tank made out of XLPE will help you safely store and transport even the most corrosive of chemicals. XLPE is formed using a thermostat resin and is 20 times more resistant to environmental stress cracking, which makes it a foolproof harsh-chemical storage tank. Whether you need a brine storage tank or a more durable acetic acid storage tank, our product is highly reliable so that you don’t have to worry about transporting harmful chemicals. This 200-gallon chemical tank is equipped with vented slosh-proof lids, molded gallon markers, and top and bottom bulkhead fittings. Our manufacturer has over 15 years of plastic manufacturing experience, making it an industry leader in high-quality HDPE and HDXLPE plastic containers. Rest assured that our polyethylene vertical storage tank is exactly what you need to conveniently and safely transport corrosive chemicals.

  • 36”D x 56”H

List Price: $450.74
Our Price: $364.95
You Save: $85.79
250 Gallon Crosslinked Chemical Tank 250-Gallon Cross-Linked Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tank

Our uniquely designed, high-quality 250-gallon HDXLPE tank offers you the versatility and adaptability you need to safely transport, store and dispose of just about any corrosive chemical you have on your hands. Handling potentially harmful chemicals can be stressful, but with our high-density cross-linked polyethylene tanks, you can rest assured that you are keeping your chemicals safely contained. Our highly durable tanks help you avoid liabilities by preventing spills and ruptures. HDXLPE is manufactured using a thermoset resin that creates a chemical link that is hard to break. Buy the perfect hydrofluoric acid storage tank, molasses storage tank, propylene glycol storage tank or yeast storage tank. At PolyTank Mart, we prioritize safety and convenience, and those principles are reflected in our tanks. Each tank is equipped with slosh-proof vented lids, molded-in gallon markers and various layout flats, outlet fittings and plugs to adapt to your application.

  • 36”D x 67”H

List Price: $483.68
Our Price: $389.95
You Save: $93.73
Linear vs. Crosslinked polymers via Prenhall.com

Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPE) is formed using a thermoset resin. During the manufacturing process, the polyethylene molecules in the resin connect with a chemical link to reinforce one another and make a sturdier and more resilient tank.

These tanks carry five times the impact strength, have 10 times the molecule weight, and 20 times the environmental crack-resistance of standard, linear High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These are considered the best option for harsh chemicals known to be stress-cracking agents, such as sodium hypochlorite (NaClO).

More corrosion and chemical resistant than its peers—stainless steel, mild steel, HDPE and fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks—our Crosslinked Tanks provide superior heat and chemical resistance including low-temperature impact strength.

Crosslink Tank Colors
Both Horizontal and Vertical tank options are available in translucent natural color for ease in level viewing, as well as black.
Vented slosh proof lids come standard and fittings are sold separately. A screw top lid is available upon request.