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600-Gallon HDXLPE Chemical Storage Leg Tank - Horizontal

600 Gallon Crosslinked Horizontal Leg Tank
Cross-linked tanks come standard in a natural translucent yellow color, however black is also a color option.

Both Vertical and Horizontal Crosslinked tanks are available in 1.5 SG and 1.9 SG.
List Price: $1,102.45
Our Price: $829.95
You Save: $272.50

Product Code: PM600LCLPW

Specific Gravity:


Description Style Differences Information
Whether you need to store, transport or responsibly dispose of corrosive liquids, our 600 gallon HDXLPE tank can be adapted to suit your specific application. Featuring countless modification options, this tank is a truly versatile tool for your business. Made out of a sturdy material that features five times the impact of HDP, our 600 gallon cross-linked polyethylene storage tank is our most durable tank yet. This high-rated industrial build is resistant to abrasion and helps prevent unwanted leaks and harmful chemical corrosion. Practical and convenient, our 600 gallon HDPE plastic fuel tank is equipped with molded-in gallon markers and a translucent design that lets you manage your chemical levels for absolute control. It’s horizontal design and added legs provide our 600 gallon HDPE tank for chemical storage with unparalleled stability, which makes this tank the ideal long-term storage solution for many corrosive chemicals. Place your order for our 600 gallon HDPE chemical tank today and prevent liabilities by practicing safe disposal.
80″L x 57″W x 44”H
Cross-linked tanks are formed using a thermoset resin. The molecules are connected with a chemical link during the manufacturing process making for a stronger tank.

  • Come standard in a natural translucent yellow color for ease in level viewing
  • Black is an alternative color option
  • Equipped with molded-in gallon markers
  • Come with vented slosh proof lids
  • Multiple layout flats for outlet fittings & outlet plugs
  • Fittings are sold separately to customize the fitting material to your application

View our Chemical Reference Chart.

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