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5,000-Gallon Water Tank [Tall]

5000 Gallon Water Storage Tank
Additional color options & sizes available! See specs & features below.

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Designed with tie-down lugs, dome & layout flats, and offered in 13 color options.
List Price: $3,333.33
Our Price: $2,499.95
You Save: $833.38

Product Code: PM5000


Description Style Differences Information
102”D x 158”H
Our line of multipurpose Water Storage Tanks includes options from 100 to 5,000 gallons to best suit your needs. All of our tanks offer a BPA-free solution for bulk water-storage and come standard with a screw-on vented lid, inlet bulkhead, and outlet bulkhead with plug.

Tanks are available in 13 colors with built-in UV inhibitors that prevent color fading and breakdown from harsh sunlight. In the standard line, Black and Dark Green tanks use compounded materials to limit the most light from entering the tank and prevent algae growth. However, the premier line of SunShield® Tanks allows zero UV light penetration in all colors, including Arctic White, so they can fit in and look great wherever you need them.

Read more about our SunShield® line or view the study done by Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center.

Some typical uses for a Water Storage Tank include:

  • Properties without running water
  • Properties with low gallon-per-minute output
  • Well-water storage systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Filling troughs for livestock

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