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500-Gallon Rainwater Harvesting Tank

500 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Check out additional color options & sizes available! See list of specs & features below.

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Did you know...With every 1" of rain and 1000 sq ft of collection space you will harvest 600 gallons of rainwater? Rainfall Collection Chart

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Description Style Differences Information
48”D x 71”H
Poly-Mart's Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are a trusted industry leading product assembled specifically for the proper collection rainwater. Collecting rainwater adds to the availability of water in drought, allows you to water your lawn despite watering restrictions and cuts the cost of paying utility overages for a resource that is provided FREE from nature.

The following are popular uses for rainwater collection:

  • Watering your Plants & Garden
  • Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Topping Off Your Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Hand Washing
  • Washing Your Car
  • Water Supply for Livestock
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Primary Household Water Consumption

Rainwater Collection Systems are appropriate for almost any area, especially drought stricken areas. With 1000 sq ft of roof space and only 1" of rain you have the potential to collect 600 gallons of water! Knowing how much rainfall you have the potential to collect should be determined before deciding on the total capacity of tank(s) you choose. View a quick reference chart here.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks come standard with a stainless steel mesh strainer basket installed on the top of the tank, a stainless steel mesh screened overflow assembly, an outlet bulkhead fitting and a raised 3/4″ bulkhead fitting for a water hose spigot. The screened overflow is designed for directing excess water during large rain storms while keeping pests & mosquitoes out of the rainwater collection tank. Although Black and Dark Green limit the most light from entering the tank to prevent algae growth we offer a premier line of SunShield® Tanks boasting ZERO light in ALL colors. Read more information from this Texas A&M University independent study.

Specialized line of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks:

  • Made specifically for Proper Collection of Rainwater
  • BPA-Free tank comes installed with Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer Basket
  • Available in Black & Dark Green to prevent algae growth
  • SunShield Layer is available as a style option for additional color options w/ ZERO light penetration
  • View our Rainwater Collection Chart to see your potential.

Poly-Mart 500 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting Tank is designed with 4 Dome Flats and 4 Layout Flats. These 8 Flats set our tank design apart by providing flat surfaces for installation of additional fittings or linking your tanks to increase storage capacity. This added flexibility makes Poly-Mart tanks the preferred tank of contractors and installers.

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