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200-Gallon Aquaponics Grow Bed

Aquaponic Growbed 19 square feet, 200 Gallon
Check out additional color options & sizes available! See list of specs & features below.

May be purchased in black in any quantity; other 12 color options must be ordered in even quantities
List Price: $274.08
Our Price: $289.95

Product Code: PM200AGB


Description Information

Take advantage of nature's efficiency by using a hydroponic grow bed for your growing plants. With walls that are slightly more than 18-inches tall, these containers encourage the growth of countless plants in either a floating or deep-media arrangement. This grow bed for aquaponics is large enough to support your garden while offering ample water for a fish farm if desired. The embedded UV-inhibitors and high-density polyethylene or HDPE reflect the stability of this bed as you set up your garden.

Consider 13 different colors for your aquaponic grow bed when you order in even numbers. In total, you have 19 square feet of space to expand your root systems and overall growth. Shipment is easy too because these 200-gallon aquaponics systems stack neatly together. They're also simple to arrange with their rectangular shape. Whether you have one or 20 aquaponics grow beds, Polytank-Mart is your answer to your grow room dilemmas.


Aquaponic Grow Bed Colors200-Gallon Aquaponic Grow Beds offer:

  • 19 square feet of growing space
  • 1.5-foot depth for variety of plants to be grown and optimal root expansion
  • Capacity for Raft (floating) or Deep Media (e.g. gravel) systems
  • 13 different color options (when ordered in even quantities)
  • Made with FDA/NSF-approved, BPA-free, food-grade High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with built-in UV inhibitors
  • Heavy-duty foundation, provides backbone of aquaponics system
  • Customization options without any fittings pre-installed
  • Mold-in recessed stacking blocks to keep nested containments from getting stuck inside one another
  • Stacking on pallets for effective shipping in bulk orders

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