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200-Gallon Chemical Storage Polyethylene Tank

200 Gallon Chemical Tank
Check out additional color options & sizes available! See list of specs & features below.


Available in both 1.5 SG & 1.9 SG for your specific chemical storage need.
List Price: $359.56
Our Price: $279.95
You Save: $79.61

Product Code: PM200PW

Specific Gravity:


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At PolyTank Mart, we are proud to provide you a low-price guarantee, which means we offer high-quality products at the best possible value - and our 200-gallon poly tanks are no exception. Our 200-gallon storage tank is ideal for safe storage of industrial chemicals, such as liquid fertilizer, feed, pesticides, biodiesel and more, so long as they are not reactive with polyethylene. If you are not sure if your industrial chemical is reactive to polyethylene, you can reference our chemical resistance chart to see a list of non-reactive chemicals. Designed with your business needs in mind, the 200-gallon plastic tank has a variety of available modifications, such as large bulkhead fittings, siphon tubes, non-vented lids and more. Its polyethylene build and our modifications make the 200-gal plastic tank a practical and safe product in which to store liquid chemicals. Place your order today to see why our 200-gallon chemical tank gives you the best value for your money.

  • 36”D x 56”H

Comes Standard

  • "Natural Translucent" color for ease in level viewing
  • External gallon markers
  • Dome & layout flats for additional customization and fitting installation
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material to offer best strength-to-weight ratio
  • 1" top/inlet bulkhead
  • 1.5" bottom/outlet bulkhead

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