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100-Gallon Cross-Linked HDPE Chemical Storage Tank

100 Gallon Crosslinked Chemical Tank
Cross-linked tanks come standard in a natural translucent yellow color, however black is also a color option.


Both Vertical and Horizontal Crosslinked tanks are available in 1.5 SG and 1.9 SG.

List Price: $307.33
Our Price: $249.95
You Save: $57.38

Product Code: PM100XLPW

Specific Gravity:


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Storing chemicals in bulk is a challenge because of their corrosive effects on nearly any secure container. You have a solution in cross-linked polyethylene storage tanks, however. These tanks are manufactured with polyethylene materials, but with a chemical link added in at just the right time. You're left with a cross-linked HDPE tank that can take on the harshest chemicals. Your HDPE chemical storage tank comes standard with a yellow hue, which makes it easy to see through for volume purposes. Molded-in gallon markers make evaluations quick and easy too. This fact is especially true if you choose the 100-gallon HDPE tank in a black color. Choose between 1.5 and 1.9 specific gravity weights so that the material quality matches your application. Customize your 100-gallon chemical tank even further with fittings that withstand any chemical challenging them. Work with Polytank-Mart.com today for all of your chemical storage needs!

  • 30”D x 42”H

Cross-linked tanks are formed using a thermoset resin. The molecules are connected with a chemical link during the manufacturing process making for a stronger tank.

  • Come standard in natural translucent (yellow) for ease in level-viewing with black as alternative color option
  • Equipped with molded-in gallon markers
  • Include vented slosh-proof lids
  • Multiple layout flats for outlet fittings & outlet plugs
  • Fittings are sold separately to customize the fitting material to your application

View our Chemical Reference Chart.

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